John Roloff Pier Project


bus depot, clontarf


Underground Chile

Centro Cultural Palacia de la Moneda, Santiago, Chile
by Undurraga Deves Arquitectos

Spatial Device 1

Casa en Zapallar / García, Portugueis, Labbé - more here

more of artigas yacht club

Vilanova Artigas Yacht Club

Castletownsend, Cork

more images here
Word: Shed

  • a slight structure built for shelter or storage.
  • a small structure, either freestanding or attached to a larger structure, serving for storage or shelter.
  • a slight or rude structure built for shelter, storage, etc. 2. a large, strongly built structure, often open at the sides or end. Origin:
1475–85; var. of shadde, possibly a variant of shade (q.v.).
  • Old English sceadu "shade, shadow, darkness," also "shady place, protection from glare or heat,"
  • from PIE *skotwa, from base *skot- "dark, shade" (cf. Gk. skotoskot "darkness," O.Ir. scath, O.Welsh scod, Bret. squeut "darkness").
  • Meaning "grade of color" first recorded 1690 (cf. Fr. nuance, from nue "cloud").
  • Meaning "ghost" is from 1616.
  • Sense of "window blind" first recorded 1867, Amer.Eng. The verb meaning "to screen from light or heat" is recorded from c.1400.
Wendy Barrett recently told me about the Estufa Frai in Lisbon - a shade house for growing plants - here are some images of this amazing construction

more images of the estufa fria here

Sports Center by Dorte Mandrup - more here

Altamirano Walk Public Furniture by oficina de arquitectura - more here

One also thinks of net-drying sheds in Norway and Iceland - the nets are protected from the rain but aerated to allow the wind to dry them


Chapel of Saint Peter, Campos do Jordao, Brazil
Paulo Mendes da Rocha


Deep Planning

Lower Manhattan
Lebbeus Woods

1:1 section

ch/lugano/borromini chapel/01



endless house
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2001 space odyssey
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Logement de fonction EDF : Ivry-sur-Seine


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Sverre Fehn.

three-dimensional urbanism

the new temple
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Bocconi University


Word Clouds

Preliminary Thesis Reports as a series of word-clouds - size based on word frequency.

Via wordle



Engraving: by Hondius,
in John Speed's
Theatre of the Empire
of Great Britane
, 1611-1612

The locus of this group's work is Dublin - or DVBLINE as some liked to call it in John Speed's time. The primary structure shown in this engraving of our city has been remained conceptually intact since its inception...a malleable network of concentric rings and radial struts cut through by the river Liffey.

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